Nathaniel Kramer

Nat Kramer is a veteran media maker who blends impactful storytelling, technical artistry and the logistical know-how to get the job done.

An editor, camera operator, sound engineer, writer, and producer, Nat has provided professional pre-production, production, and post-production services for a wide range of projects including narrative and documentary films, internationally cablecast television, nationally syndicated radio, and privately marketed projects.

Pre-production. From the initial concept to the first day of production, Nat provides a variety of pre-production services that are informed by his knowledge of how critical–and often neglected–early choices influence the final product. He has successfully secured funding for client projects with persuasive pitches, effectively streamlined workflows, and is a talented writer and wordsmith.

Production. Nat has shot, engineered sound, and produced in locations ranging from professional broadcast studios to the remote and hostile winter alpine environment. A strategic, thoughtful camera operator, he leverages his knowledge of the post-production process to shoot for the edit and create visual sequences that are built from compelling individual shots. As a producer, Nat is a supportive collaborator who makes the most of a team’s skills to bring a project to fruition.

Post-production. Nat has decades of experience with sound, video, and film editing, presently working primarily in the Adobe Creative Suite. He recognizes the power of editing to compress experience, convey emotion, and deliver salient information in today’s mediated environment. Nat takes the time to perfect the cut. Additional post-production services include motion graphics, finishing, and sound mixing.

Nat graduated from the University of Colorado in 2010 with a B.S. in Broadcast Production and a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media. A believer in the spirit of radio, for several years Nat hosted multi-award-winning KVCU Radio 1190’s weekday morning show, was involved at independent radio station KGNU, and recently worked with WNYC’s Radiolab. He also teaches intensive video courses and media literacy to high-achieving middle school students at the Dawson Summer Initiative. Nat lives in sunny Boulder, Colorado.

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