Here’s a few examples of projects I’ve worked on; Producing, editing, camera, sound, motion graphics and more.

Kickstarter Staff PickDr. Davey B. Gravey’s Tiny Cinema is a singular and charming mobile exhibition space and performance event, featuring silent Super 8mm film projection and the Doctor himself on Ukelele and Chaos Pad! David, a fellow film enthusiast, called on me to produce a Kickstarter video to fund his next original short film. The piece was fully funded AND selected as a staff pick on the world’s leading crowdfunding platform! Woot!

Breckenridge Film Festival Official SelectionHeart of Gold Hill is an hour-long documentary which premiered in May of 2013. I had the pleasure of working on this project as Editor, Music Director, Researcher & Image Acquisition, Colorist, and assisting with the production phase as Location Audio Engineer.

A new single from Stelth Ulvang (Lumineers, ex-Dovekins): Denim! The viewfinder of my Super 8mm camera broke halfway through our sailing adventure. Clearly the Sankyo EM-60 XL is both awesome AND unreliable! The band on this song includes: Nick Jaina (Electric Guitar), Blake Stepan (Bass), Mark Anderson (Drums). Shot & Edited by yours truly. Recorded at Mammoth Cave by Griff Snyder and Charles Kern. Mastered by Jeremy Averitt.

I did some camera work for (Vignette Creative who produced and edited) this lovely piece–and between the two main places it lives it has somewhere upward of 3 million views. It must have the largest audience to date of any piece I’ve yet worked on. Some of the footage I shot has also been included on the DVD in the Deluxe Version of The Lumineers’ debut LP; which went platinum! I’m very pleased to have played a role in conveying the grace and grit of this compelling band.

The last piece I made using 16mm film, this short was made several years ago. I directed, photographed, and edited this film. The musical soundtrack consists of contributions from some very talented friends, Jeff Holland and Nathan Wheeler. I’m excited because I just acquired a Bolex that’s the same model (Rex 5) that was used to photograph this piece–so I’ll be back at it with the 16mm soon!

Breckenridge Film Festival Official SelectionThis trailer was made before I joined onto the project; but the final film appeared at Breckenridge Film Festival, on Colorado PBS, and was cablecast internationally via the DeepDish Network. I functioned as the Editor and Music Director, partnering with some truly remarkable musicians from the Front Range.

Mimesis : Noun. [mi-mee-sis] : The representation of aspects of the real world, especially human actions, in literature and art. From Ancient Greek μίμησις (mímēsis). The first in a series of one-take musical performances; featuring Stelth Ulvang (Lumineers, Ex-Dovekins) on his first solo tour. Stelth has now issued his first full-length album, and a ‘video’ shot on Super 8mm is in post-production. Click though to YouTube for the accompanying text!

This piece demonstrates performance elements, camera, and editing work. It was choreographed & directed by the talented Regan Drouin, and the video was photographed & edited by me. Shot handheld under various shop lights, there is no image stabilization, but includes one quick pass of color correction. The performers are: Julia Pancoe, Regan Drouin, and Margo Ende. The music is by Jacaszek: Powoli from the 2008 album Treny.

This was a video that was made in conjunction with the album release show for Princess Music’s superb debut LP, Odobenidae. In addition to the standard lineup featuring some truly excellent players, the five piece was joined in concert and on the record with a 17-piece chamber orchestra!

Fourteen local ecologically-minded businesses and craftspeople, six software applications, twenty-six hundred 16-bit 4K images shot by Academy Award nominated, Emmy Award-winning director and photographer Bob Carmichael, and an original score by Grammy Award-winning artist 1863 (Jesse of Maroon 5) equals one amazing renovation project pushing the boundaries of beauty, energy efficiency and design. I edited this piece, developed the motion graphics and did the color-correction/image finalization.

This is a promotional piece I edited at award-winning InJoy Videos. I’m pleased to have played a small part in bringing accessible and accurate information forward to both health professionals and patients alike. I’ve done quite a few special edits and some motion graphics with InJoy, most of it privately-marketed material.

A short piece about the ongoing restoration efforts at the Colorado State Capitol. I edited this program and also did the music direction. All the fine musicians involved are from Colorado; and it remains a tremendous place for sights, sounds, and creativity of all kinds. I’m proud to be part of it.

A somewhat rough collection of clips from a longer, silent 8mm film. Duhkha is the first noble truth of Buddhist philosophy; the truth of suffering. The film was shot on Kodachrome color reversal film; primarily with the (then functional) Sankyo EM-60XL. A Nizo 561 was used for the slow motion shots.

In support of local ballot initiatives 2B & 2C to municipalize our energy system, this piece was made for New Era Colorado. It used a portion of a speech by former Obama administration advisor Van Jones as a starting point, and we wanted to underline the words and the meaning of his brief, poignant message. It was done on a small budget in a few days time to encourage support for the measure–and indeed, the measure passed by a narrow margin. And after another round of voting, it seems that the city is finally, firmly in the reigns of its energy future!

A micro-budget piece in which I did the motion graphics and some of the camera work. An introduction to the staff of CLACE, a non-profit that aims to help STEM and environmental agencies expand and enhance efforts to best develop, market, and deliver scientifically and pedagogically sound cultural relevant education programs and strategies to meet the needs and demands of national and international Latino students and communities.

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