Here’s some testimonials from folks that I’ve worked with and for during the last few years.

Carmichael Productions Logo

Bob Carmichael
Academy Award-Nominated
Emmy Award-Winning
Carmichael Productions, Inc.
Boulder, CO

“Nat Kramer is a very competent and committed editor. I’ve worked with editors on features, documentaries and commercials that I’ve directed, and what I look for is someone who can take my work to a higher level. To accomplish that I look for people who know music, and who are above all smart, creative and inquisitive. Nat Kramer is one of those types. Now add to those prerequisites, the intangible of honestly caring about doing the best possible job no matter what, and you’ve got the makings of great editor… I highly recommend him.”

Davey P. Gravey's Tiny Cinema
David Weaver
Davey P. Gravey’s Tiny Cinema
Denver, CO

“Nat just gets it. From production through the editing process, Nat was extremely helpful and easy to work with. He made a fantastic Kickstarter video for a campaign that eventually yielded successful funding. His knowledge and experience working in radio made him a particularly valued partner in the pitching process. But beyond that, he was a joy to work with and a true professional. Hop aboard the Nat-train today! You won’t regret it.”

Ninjas For Health
Kyle Pfister
Founder, Ninja
Ninjas For Health
Milwaukee, WI

“Nat was a reliable addition to our storytelling project and went the extra mile to ensure timeliness and quality in delivering our final video series in a dynamic environment. On set, Nat was comfortable, professional, and willing to take on multiple roles within the team. He showed command in video and audio production equipment and procedures, while maintaining a friendly relationship with our storytellers. During the edit, his thoughtfulness provided careful and insightful advice and delivered quick and high-quality results. Nat was willing to allow our storytellers into his editing process, was willing to teach and listen, and treated them with care and respect in order to honor their stories and perspectives. Overall, Nat’s thoughtfulness, tenacity, and deep commitment to social justice enhanced our project and helped us communicate a complicated story of injustice and hope for undocumented families in Boulder. He would be a valuable asset to any team.”

Free Speech TV Logo
Eric Galatas
Program Director
Free Speech TV
Denver, CO

“Nat is one of those rare finds in the world of digital media. He has advanced technical chops, but even that talent is superseded by his capacity to trouble shoot the challenges that inevitably surface during a project. I was most impressed by the combination of this technical ability with a powerful intelligence and intuitive mastery of aesthetics, that sort of x-factor behind truly effective visual communications. It was a real treat to collaborate with Nat.”

InJoy Birth & Parenting Education Logo
Vicki Murray-Kurzban
Producer/Production Manager
InJoy Birth & Parenting Education
Longmont, CO

“Working with Nat was a very positive experience! He has a strong work ethic, great communication skills, and his After Effects work brought our production to the professional level we were aiming for.”

Lickskillet Films Logo
Angie Burnham
Lickskillet Films
Boulder, CO

“I’ve had the privilege and fun of working with Nat Kramer on two films. He is an artist who wears many hats well: a true professional who takes his film-making seriously and joyously. Nat has been a pleasure to work with over the last three years and I’m looking forward to our next project!”

Don Grusin Logo
Don Grusin
Two-Time Grammy Award-Winner
Bad Dog Music
Boulder, CO

“Nat was extremely informed, helpful, fast, and communicative working collaboratively on my editing project. He’s a smart, great guy.”

Brian Spielman
Vignette Creative
Seattle, WA

“We hired Nat for a multi-camera shoot and were very pleased at his ability to capture beautiful shots while sticking to his coverage assignment. Although it may seem simple, doing those two things well speaks volumes to his talent and experience–we’d work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Dawson School Logo
Lisa Michael
Dawson Summer Initiative
Lafayette, CO

“Nat Kramer embraced every task that was thrown his way. His patience, sensitivity, and perceptiveness, as well as his thorough knowledge of editing and videography contributed to the success of the program and the students’ outstanding final film productions.”

New Era Colorado Foundation Logo
Steve Fenberg
New Era Colorado Foundation
Executive Director
Denver & Boulder, CO

“Nat approached the work with an incredible amount of integrity, completed our project on time, and exceeded our expectations when it came to quality of the product. It was a great experience working with Nat and the skill and thoughtfulness he brought to our campaign was invaluable. I would wholeheartedly recommend him for any creative project.”

Boulder Independent Productions
David William Grey
Director, Founder
Boulder Independent Productions
Boulder, CO

“Nat Kramer is an great editor with a wide range of talents, and the desire to make his clients 100% happy with the product… He did an excellent job with the trailer for my movie, and I recommend him to all of my clients.”

Earth Initiatives Logo
Ryan W. Vachon, Ph.D.
Executive Director/Founder
Earth Initiatives and Doc Ryan
Boulder, CO

“Nathaniel Kramer is the master of many trades, a toolbox that has likely expanded since you started reading this testimonial. There is no denying the immense motivation, skill and creativity that pours particularly into his film production and post production efforts. If you have an idea, he is the man to make it happen!”

Longshot Cinema Logo
Mary Ann Williamson
Longshot Cinema
Boulder, CO

“Nat’s professionalism and capabilities made for a smooth and cost-effective film editing experience. I was amazed at his ability to take 12+ hours of raw footage and a couple of imprecise editorial ideas and then come back with a rough cut that was the backbone of the film. The rhythm, pacing and tension were spot-on, and all were enhanced by Nat’s beautifully structured soundtrack. I will definitely consider Nat for future editing projects and so should you!”

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